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  • January 9, 2022

    Vantage Joint Venture Awarded NASA/GSFC SES III Contract

    NASA has awarded the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) Software Engineering Support III (SES III) contract to Mitchell Vantage Systems, LLC (MVS). MVS is a joint venture between MCSG Technologies and Vantage Systems. MVS will provide products and services expertise to support flight software,...

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  • September 4, 2019

    Vantage Employees Receive Awards during NASA Agency and Center Awards Ceremony

    During the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) 2019 Agency and Center Awards Ceremony Vantage employee, Michael Cuy, received the prestigious NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal Award. Mr. Cuy received the award for outstanding public service as lead engineer for the NASA GRC Burner...

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  • September 4, 2019

    Vantage Presented NASA GRC SB Prime Contractor of the Year Award

    The NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) 2019 Agency and Center Awards Ceremony was held on September 4, 2019.  During the ceremony Vantage Partners, LLC was presented its award for GRC 2018 Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year. The award was accepted by Vantage Executive Vice...

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Information Technology

Every day, emerging technologies are changing the way people live, work, and learn. The demand for seamless communication and fast access to information has never been greater. At the same time, the variety and scope of products and services now available, combined with the rapid pace of technological change, have increased the complexity of identifying, procuring, and supporting communications networks and equipment. As a full-service integrated network provider, Vantage is your partner when it's time to deploy superior communications.

Vantage solutions are designed to meet the total IT needs of modern businesses. Our offerings include solutions that transform your business into e-business and infrastructure solutions that provide the solid foundation needed for business processes.

We combine best-of-breed technology and products with this industry’s most qualified technical expertise and support you through every stage of your network lifecycle – planning, design, implementation, and operation. We team with you to define, develop, install, and support cost-effective, reliable systems and networks that meet your specific performance requirements and business objectives.

Whether you are a smaller business operating from a single location or a dispersed operation with numerous offices throughout the nation, whether you require a complete turnkey solution or consulting expertise with your own implementations - Vantage can help.

Our IT solutions and services include:

  • Information Technology
    1. IT Security
    2. IT Systems Design & Development
    3. Systems Administration
    4. IT Infrastructure
    5. Process Re-Engineering
    6. System/Database Implementation & Maintenance
    7. Custom Web Application Development
    8. Help Desk Support
    9. Corporate & Management Support
    10. LAN Support
    11. Integrated Enterprise Management
    12. Transition Planning
  • Customized Software Applications
  • Computer Security Analysis
  • Program Management Support
  • Multidisciplined Engineering
    1. Systems Engineering
    2. Electrical, Mechanical & Software Engineering
    3. System Integration & Test
  • Education & Public Outreach

Highlighted Products

Management - Burndown

A unique solution for the effective management of NASA mission milestones. Burndown™ is an example of our rapid development approach for data capture, paperless conversion and effective information management in an easy to use multi-user application.


Data Analysis - ELCADE

A data analysis and trending tool designed to extract testing and on-orbit data into a usable format. Data archives are written to a relation database where data can be searched, sorted and tailored to the specific needs of each engineer.


Custom Workflow - GSFC Parts Lifecycle Management - PLM™

An asset management tool designed to manage assets throughout the entire parts lifecycle and provide a portal where users can manage and view inventory specific data. PLM handles the design, review, procurement and kit requests to build product specific kits while maintaining complete part history in a central web-based application.