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December 5, 2011

Calvin Williams, Community Service

When Calvin Williams’ mom gave flowers from her garden to neighbors, to ensure someone else had “a little more,” she was establishing a legacy of giving that carries on through her son.  Her words, “Son, things are not as bad as they could be,” come to the forefront when he sees the needs of others, and a spark to reach out to help ignites. 

Calvin volunteers with the American Red Cross to provide food, water, and shelter to victims of disasters across the country.  He tirelessly gives his time, energy, and heart to families who have been devastated by hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and fires.  One such act of giving was in our local Maryland community at an apartment fire that killed six victims.  After safely securing the victims in a central location, Calvin helped meet both immediate and long-term needs of the survivors.  Those needs included providing essentials like food, clothes, and water, and finding shelters and working with apartment complexes and housing developments for additional accommodations.

Calvin has traveled to New Orleans once every year since 2003 to assist Hurricane Katrina victims and has been to Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi to extend a helping hand to flood victims.  The worse was Katrina, he reflects, “I can’t say that I was prepared…at the end of the day, you are so full you don’t think about being tired…dirty…hungry.”  His eyes swell with emotion as he sits silently thinking about our fellow Americans in need.

November 8, 2011

NASA selects Vantage Partners LLC of Lanham, Md., for GESS-3 Contract

NASA has selected Vantage Partners LLC of Lanham, Md., to provide engineering and scientific services to the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. For further information click here

August 15, 2011

Vantage Systems Receives ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Vantage Systems, Inc. received its ISO 9001:2008 Certification after a thorough independent audit of its Quality Management System (QMS) by Quality Systems Registrars, Inc. The certification confirms that Vantage received written assurance by an independent external body that its management system has been audited and verified that it conforms to the requirements specified in the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

 ISO 9001:2008 applies to Vantage’s QMS processes that influence the exceptional product or service quality it delivers. Within the scope of the Certification to design and develop multi-disciplinary engineering and information technology services and solutions and provide ongoing maintenance support, Vantage enables its clients to achieve their goals by providing critical engineering and information technology services and solutions through a talented, experienced, and high-integrity work force.

 “This Certification marks a pivotal moment in Vantage’s history as we focus on expanded strategies that will pave the way for future growth and stability. ISO 9001:2008 is a key indicator of our commitment to providing measurable, quality engineering and IT services to our clients nationwide,” commented Vantage’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Polk.

January 1, 2011

Vantage Systems to Support NASA GSFC Astrophysics Science Division

Vantage Systems, Inc. has been awarded a four year contract to provide Application Programming and Computer Software Support to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Astrophysics Science Division (ASD), one of the world’s largest and most diverse astrophysical organizations.   Our support includes:

RXTE Guest Observer Facility (GOF) - Provide support for questions that come into the RXTE help desk.  Maintain operation of the automated pipeline processing of RXTE data.

Swift Data Center - Provide data management support for the processing and distribution of the data collected by Swift Gamma-ray Burst Explorer, and support the maintenance and enhancement of the data processing software in support of the Swift Data Center.

Support HEASARC's role in VAO - The purpose of this task is to provide support for ASD's role in the Virtual Astronomical Observatory.  This includes maintaining the data and metadata for multiple missions hosted within NASA’s High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) database.  As well, this task will provide software development and operations maintenance on related software applications and provide science user community support and programming assistance.

HEASARC Support - Maintain NASA’s High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center Website.  Provide technical support for proposal activities, data documentation, senior reviews, and conference attendance.

Suzaku Data Center - Provide support and development for existing pipeline processing for Suzaku at GSFC.  Handle and maintain data, databases, and networks for the Suzaku mission.  Develop software as required for the program.  Assist with user support on the data pipelines.

April 6, 2010

Vantage Systems Awarded ELC Transition Sustaining Engineering Contract

Vantage Systems, Inc. was awarded a 5-year contract to provide Sustaining Engineering (SE) Services to support the International Space Station (ISS) ExPRESS Logistics Carrier (ELC) project office at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).  Vantage will support GSFC in transitioning SE to ISS in order to ensure continuous support to the Johnson Space Center ISS External Carriers Office for ISS activities.  The project includes the provision of ELC mission transition planning and related activities and integration of products and support.

Vantage will support the ELC project in the following areas:

  • Sustain engineering activities
  • Sustain engineering efforts for transition
  • Sustain engineering for transfer of data
  • Web application development and maintenance
  • Data reduction
  • Electronic media and document services
  • Educational outreach

The ISS is an Earth-orbiting facility that supports long duration human habitation and scientific/technological research activities in the microgravity environment of low earth orbit.  GSFC is partnered with the ISS program for the Expedite the Processing of Experiments to Space Station (ExPRESS) Logistics Carriers (ELC).  NASA/GSFC is providing ISS with five ELC to be used as logistic carriers/science platforms aimed to bring up to ISS items related to engineering/logistic purposes and scientific payloads.