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June 21, 2012

Vantage-Led Company Completes NASA Glenn Engineering Contract Transition

The Vantage-led company Vantage Partners LLC has completed the transition of the NASA Glenn GESS-3 contract and is in full contract execution.  The 90-day transition involved assuming over 180 tasks plus the setup of a near-site facility, moving all personnel from onsite to the offsite facility, and the implementation of a new Work Control System and process for task management.  "This is an important event for Vantage.  We successfully completed a complex transition and delighted the customer in the first Vantage-led large scale prime engineering services contract role", remarked Joe Polk, President and CEO of Vantage Systems Inc..  "We look forward to five years of research, technology, and engineering services to Glenn and continue to delight them".  GESS-3 is a large multi-disciplinary engineering services contract with a potential value of $240M.